These are non-release SVN builds. Remember these builds are beta-quality software - use at your own risk!

A log of recent SVN activity can be seen here.

Bugs may be posted here.

The libraries required to use DoomBuilder 2 are SlimDX and .NET 2.0 (or later).

Additionally, Doom Builder 2 configurations for ZDoom are being provided for all games - more info on this file is in this topic here.

Optional, for those that want to compile their own build of Doom Builder 2 they can use this front-end compiler provided by Tiger.

Listing of doombuilder2/

NamePosted (UTC)Size
Doom Builder 2 (r1715).7zFeb 25 2013 17:05:4116,761,067
Doom Builder 2 (r1630).7zOct 16 2012 21:20:2116,373,085
Doom Builder 2 (r1604).7zSep 15 2012 18:05:2316,490,217