These are non-release Git builds. Remember these builds are beta-quality software - use at your own risk!
Reminder: This is a branch of Doom Builder 2, not the original project. This branch is for GZDoom Builder.

A log of recent Git activity can be seen here.
Bugs may be posted here and here.

The libraries required to use GZDoom Builder are DirectX 9.0 Runtime and Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.1.
The last version using .NET 3.5 is R3012 which can be downloaded here.

Note: x86 and x64 architectures are NOT compatible. This means, that:
  • If you upgrade from x86 to x64, you need to do a fresh install;
  • Your x86 plugins won't work with x64 GZDB-BF.
If you need some plugins that aren't shipped with GZDB-BF, either use x86 or ask plugin's author to release a 64-bit version.

Listing of gzdbbf/

GZDoom_Builder_Bugfix-r3039-x64.7zJul 25 2018 06:06:1412,634,484
GZDoom_Builder_Bugfix-r3039.7zJul 25 2018 06:05:1012,628,063
GZDoom_Builder_Bugfix-r3036-x64.7zJul 16 2018 11:36:0012,631,785
GZDoom_Builder_Bugfix-r3036.7zJul 16 2018 11:34:4412,626,612
GZDoom_Builder_Bugfix-r3030-x64.7zJun 09 2018 07:28:1812,628,216
GZDoom_Builder_Bugfix-r3030.7zJun 09 2018 07:27:1512,622,798
GZDB_Updater-x64.7zMay 28 2018 01:20:2361,643
GZDB_Updater-x86.7zMay 28 2018 01:18:4461,644
GZDoom_Builder_Bugfix-r3012.7zApr 10 2018 11:09:1011,711,116
GZDB_Updater.7zMar 31 2018 03:08:5861,193