gzdoom-community-v5 (1715)

Posted by Rachael on 13 July 2009 at 17:29.
This updates the code base for GZDoom to r391, and ZDoom to r1715. No special new features. Only GZDoom version is available.

NOTE: This build suffers from this bug here. Will post a new version when it's fixed. Only known work-around is to use software mode (which sucks, I know).


Diff source (against GZDoom r391)
Complete source

zdoom community-v4 (r1711)

Posted by Rachael on 6 July 2009 at 16:31.
This updates the community builds up to ZDoom r1711. No new features, other than the merged code.

Both ZDoom and GZDoom versions available. GZDoom patch is based on r376.

Download: ZDoom / GZDoom
Source: ZDoom / GZDoom (patches) / GZDoom (Complete)


Posted by Rachael on 2 July 2009 at 09:25.
Based on ZDoom rev 1701, it adds the following changes:

BHS's A_RadiusPull
HotWax's A_Delay
HotWax's Skill definition additions (includes health adjustments and a NoPain flag)

Updated: v2 also has Gez's ScriptedEffect code.

* Gezedit: uploaded a v3 which is just like v2 but with more of my current code, including the "activation type" property (for affecting how USESPECIAL and BUMPSPECIAL work) and more Skulltag-compatibility stuff. Download here and patch file here.

And yet another edit: Added v3 to GZDoom. Build and Source patch

BHSCode builds

Posted by Rachael on 29 June 2009 at 10:57.
These builds are the latest ZDoom revision with bagheadspidey's changes. They include the following additional DECORATE action pointers:

A_RadiusPull(int force = 128, int distance = -1, bool affectsource = true);
A_SetAngle(float angle);
A_SetPitch(float pitch);
A_ScaleMomentum(float scale);
A_ChangeMomentum(float x = 0, float y = 0, float z = 0, bool relative_axes = 0, bool discard_old_momentum = 0);