The Dev Builds Team

Currently, this is a list of who mainly maintains what builds:

Please note, some of us do help with other builds, but this is the "main" who's who list, so you know who to contact. So that doesn't mean any one person exclusively does ZDoom, GZDoom or ACC - sometimes, others may actually put some of those in too - that's just an example.

ZDoom & GZDoom: Blzut3
ZDoom for Macintosh: Blzut3
Eternity: Blzut3
Odamex: Blzut3
Vavoom: -
ACC: Enjay & Graf Zahl
Doom Builder 2: MaxED
DB2 Configurations: Gez
Doomseeker: Zalewa
SLADE 3: Gez
GZDoom, Raze, and Eternity for Linux: CandiceJoy
Experimental Builds: -
Community Builds: -

Site design & Maintenance: Eruanna
Project Team Lead: Enjay