Welcome two new members of the team!

Posted by Rachael on 23 January 2017 at 01:57.
This is a bit belated for ZZYZX, he has been contributing builds for his GZDoomBuilder-BugFix fork with the departure of MaxED.

However, Coraline has also offered to maintain builds as well for her own port, 3DGE!

Welcome, both!

Retiring old things

Posted by Rachael on 15 February 2016 at 01:21.
As it seems development for DoomBuilder 2 and DoomBuilder64 has stalled, I have temporarily retired both projects. Their folders are still active though, and can be accessed here and here. Since Vavoom seems to have also shared a similar fate, it has also been archived here.

Previous offshoot builds of ZDoom are also available here and here. The biggest change is they are no longer part of the menu (to help keep things relevant).

Welcome MaxED!

Posted by Rachael on 2 October 2014 at 10:17.
MaxED has officially joined the Dev Builds team! Welcome!

He will be maintaining the DoomBuilder branches, mainly his own project (GZDoomBuilder). Thank you, and welcome!

Unfortunately, this also means that we have to say goodbye to a great friend. Tiger has been more help to this Doom community than most people would ever know. This was a man who never gave less than 110% to everything he ever did - and he was always quite happy doing so. People like Tiger just don't spring up very often. He is very knowledgeable about so many things and, while some people may have seen him as eccentric, I saw him for what he truly was - he was a genuine asset to the community, and in his departure he leaves a great void. He is moving on to a gaming engine that better supports his project, and for that we cannot blame him, but that does not make us any less sad to see him go.

Tiger, you will be greatly missed. I hope you don't forget about us, and that you come back to say hi every once in a while! <3

Site renamed

Posted by Rachael on 14 July 2013 at 17:01.
As previously stated here, the site has undergone a name update. Why was it done? Because many projects no longer use SVN as their distributed version control anymore, and it just didn't make sense to keep the name "SVN builds," so a decision was made to rename the site (At the time it was called "rebranding" but it's basically the same thing). After a lot of decision and consideration, plus many rejected ideas, Enjay had the excellent idea to name the site "Dev Builds" - and so it is done.

You will also notice that the domain has changed when you access this site. The site will return a 301 code when you attempt to access the old SVN domain; some browsers will automatically update your bookmarks accordingly; some will not. The old SVN bookmark compatibility will be maintained as long as possible.

Enjoy the new(?) site! :D

That's a funny number!

Posted by Enjay on 24 June 2013 at 16:38.
In keeping with the transfer of the ZDoom and GZDoom source from SVN to Git, the file naming conventions for those two builds have changed. As of now, the archives containing the builds will use the generated revision numbers. These numbers are not very catchy (e.g. the current GZDoom one is G1.9pre-38-g0980f66) but it is the way that the numbering is done and it shows exactly which commit of the source the build was based on.

If you are reporting bugs for these builds in either the ZDoom or GZDoom forums, please remember to state clearly the revision number for the build where you experience the problem. The revision is recorded at the top of the ini file like this:

Code: Select all

# This file was generated by GZDoom G1.9pre-38-g0980f66 on Mon Jun 24 17:25:30 2013
So you can open that to copy/paste the number into your bug report. The ini file is usually in the same folder as the executable but if you can't find it, you can use the "whereisini" console command to tell you where the file is.

GZDoom Builder and Doom Builder 64 now available!

Posted by Rachael on 5 August 2012 at 21:47.
These two branches have existed for a while in the Doom Builder 2 source, but have never gotten fully the attention they've deserved. New builds have been uploaded and are now ready for testing! Enjoy!

And a big thank-you again goes to Tiger for helping to maintain that section of the site, as well as giving me the information it needed! :)

Welcome Tiger to the team!

Posted by Rachael on 22 April 2012 at 00:46.
You may remember Tiger from Skulltag, he helped out as a moderator and also maintained the wiki.

Well he's decided to volunteer to help us out with Doom Builder 2 builds! Thank you very much, Tiger, and welcome!

New ACC build

Posted by Gez on 21 March 2012 at 14:45.
For anyone wanting the bugfixes and enhancements that have been brought to ACC after the 1.51 release, a new build has been compiled.

Note that this is a Windows build, it will not work in a DOS environment or with WadAuthor.

Notice about GZDoom builds and dynamic lights

Posted by Enjay on 4 March 2012 at 15:37.
The following issue has now been resolved and current builds of GZDoom are free from both the crashing problem described and the anomalies with the dynamic lights because the workaround is no longer required.

Old news:
Please be aware that there is a known bug with current GZDoom builds that can cause a crash under certain circumstances. Specifically, if there is an object on a map that changes state in the first tic of gameplay and the object has a dynamic light associated with it, the game will crash.

This is a fairly rare occurence but it can be seen on MAP40 of Hexen. There are some switchable decorations (flame effects in the fire pits within the level) that are set to be dormant in the map editor. These spawn and then immediately change state to their dormant form causing a crash.

The crash only happens when dynamic lights are used so it can be avoided by playing the game without lights.pk3 loaded.

There have been attempts made to provide a temporary workaround for the crash but these had some undesirable visual side effects. However, if you want to use a relatively recent build that avoids the crash, r1298 has the workaround. Please be aware though, you are likely to see some unusual patterns of light where dynamic lights are used on a level. Builds from r1299(1300) revert the workaround so lights look fine but the potential for this rare crash is back.

The bug will be properly addressed in the fullness of time.

If you wish to find out more, the bug is being discussed in this thread. http://forum.drdteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=5633


Posted by Enjay on 25 August 2010 at 19:57.
Zdoom, and thereby GZdoom, now support midi playback using fluidsynth. If you want to try this feature, you will need to get a copy of fluidsynth.dll compiled by Randy Heit.

To use the feature, unpack the above linked file into the same directory as you put your Zdoom and/or GZdoom SVN binaries. Then, start the game and go to the sound options menu and change the midi device option. There should be a listing for fluidsysnth. Select it and restart the sound.

With some sound cards (eg Creative cards) this should work "out of the box" with the cards' built-in sound font. However, other users may have to download and/or initialise a soundfont before using fluidsynth. The fluidsynth website has links to a few soundfonts which may be useful.

If you experience difficulties/need more help or wish to comment on fluidsynth support in some other way, the Zdoom forum would be the appropriate place.